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Curriculum Development

Our Curriculum Intent

Principles and purpose
The core purpose of education at our school is to provide all pupils with experiences and opportunities which will enable them to achieve and excel. We want pupils to leave our school possessing essential knowledge and the skills to use it, so that they have the best possible preparation for the next stage of their education and are ready to participate successfully in society. When pupils leave Hawes School, we want them to be lifelong learners, who have the confidence and determination to succeed at whatever challenges they face in modern Britain.

We intend for the whole curriculum to be coherent and cumulative for all children, regardless of background or ability. The curriculum content in all subjects is carefully and thoughtfully structured, so that rich and powerful knowledge builds within, and across, year groups, supporting, deepening and extending learning. This means that each pupil’s ‘learning journey’ during their time with us, builds on their previous knowledge and lays firm foundations for what they need to know next. This includes in the short term as pupils and the longer term as responsible young people in the wider world.

Our intention is to have a knowledge rich curriculum through which our school values are permeated. The curriculum will build upon the pupils’ previous experiences and tasks will build upon first hand experiences, talk for learning and learning through stories. This will ensure that the pupil’s knowledge is deepened though out their time at Hawes School. We will provide a range of experiences to develop resilience as pupils to be independent learners.

Entitlement and Enrichment

National Curriculum and Religious Education

We follow the National Curriculum – it is a significant component in our School Curriculum, however, it is not the curriculum in its entirety. Religious Education is based upon the current North Yorkshire Agreed Syllabus which is being updated in 2019.

Curriculum Content
We are currently developing our structured units of work which identify the core knowledge, concepts and vocabulary which need to be taught in the subject areas. Each unit builds on the previous unit of work which provides a firm foundation. Within our provision we ensure that pupils have a range of extended opportunities in order to deepen their understanding and knowledge.

Develop a Wider World View
Hawes Primary School welcomes families with strong local ties as well as those who have moved into the area from parts of the country and indeed different parts of the world.  We believe that every pupil should learn about the wider world whilst valuing their local area. As a school, we are aware of our deeply rural community and its identity. We want our pupils to have a wider world view showing a developing understanding of beliefs, faiths, cultures and communities which are part of the tapestry of Modern Day Britain.

We provide a curriculum that strives for our pupils to ‘be the best they can be’ and when they move on to secondary school they should demonstrate the following:

  • Pupils are considerate and respectful and take responsibility for their behaviour.
  • Pupils are open to new ideas and respect and value differences.
  • Pupils are resourceful, resilient and know how to keep safe.
  • Pupils actively demonstrate citizenship at all levels.
  • Pupils show strong attitudes to learning and embrace opportunities to learn from mistakes and are able to take responsibility for their own learning.
  • Pupils have good subject knowledge across all subjects including foundation subjects.
  • Disadvantaged and SEND Pupils will have made good progress from their starting points at the end of KS2 and have acquired essential knowledge.
  • Pupils will make good progress from their starting points and an above average percentage of Pupils will attain expected standard and above in reading, writing and maths at the end of KS2 ensuring they will be able to access the KS3 curriculum.

Curriculum Development for the academic year 2021-2022  
We are continuing the develop our curriculum this year, and our focus is to ensure that pupils’ more consistently build on their prior learning in foundation subjects throughout Key Stage 2. 

Class 1 Curriculum Overview - Spring 2022

Class 2 Curriculum Overview - Spring 2022

Class 3 Curriculum Overview - Spring 2022

Curriculum Development for the academic year 2018-2019
This academic year we are reviewing our curriculum. We are currently ensuring that the subjects we teach build on prior knowledge and learning. We are ensuring that each stage in our pupils learning journey the builds on what have gone before.

We are planning that, by the end of the year, we have clear plan on units of learning within the foundation subjects which we are sure provide a clear platform for future learning.

We are ensuring that we are identifying core concepts and vocabulary so that our pupils’ learning is clearly focused and progressive across the different ages and stages.

Teachers are creating knowledge organisers to support each unit of learning so that the core knowledge for learning is clear.

This academic year we are focusing on our pedagogy and reviewing how we can ensure that our pupils learn less and remember more.

We are focusing in on how to ensure that the working memory is not overloaded and how we build in reviews and revisits.  

All teachers have read and used Pep Mccrea’s Book Memorable Teaching. We have particularly looked at how to reduce and minimize distractions in order to increase the quality of learning. 



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