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Useful Documents

The power of YET! presentation


Residential Information

Kingswood Presentation


Parent Forums 

Miss Vasey met with a group of parents to gain their perspective on some of the changes made in school during the autumn term.


Parent Forum meeting 17th January 2017


Meet the teacher meetings -

How useful were they?

  • Very useful; gave us exactly what we needed.

Did you get the information you needed?

It was useful to have the timetable of what was needed when- it’s good to put up on the fridge so we know when PE is and homework needs to be handed in.


  • These continue in the next academic year.
  • Ensure that there is a specific meeting which includes nursery parents who may not know which door to come it or where to go. 

Work sharing day

How useful was it to share your child’s work with them?

  • Very positive response.
  • Really useful and enjoyable to share with my child.

Did you get the information you needed?

  • Yes- helped to see the work that they had been talking about.
  • I was able to see how they had progressed
  • Great that there were 3 different opportunities across the day so not a load of parents in at the same time.  


  • Continue it’s really lovely to share the learning with my child.
  • Perhaps enable children whose parents can’t attend to share their book to someone else’s parent- if parent willing.

 Progress reports 

How useful have they been?

Did you get the information you needed?

  • Mixed views
  • Some parents felt they didn’t tell them where their child was.
  • Some felt that it was too general that it didn’t tell them specifically what their child had improved upon.
  • Some felt that the report needed to support the parent more as to how to support learning at home.


  • Make more specifically focussed on what child is able to do as a result of learning over the half term.
  • Provide more specific help and guidance on how parents can support their child and their learning.
  • Provide workshops to support parents with specific aspects of the curriculum.

Celebration Assembly                                                      

How have you found them?

Do you feel that you are engaging in a celebration of learning?

  • Really positive.
  • Enjoyed by many parents


  • Take a photo each week of the stars of the week so that parents can see their children in the newsletter.
  • Stop people taking photos during the assembly.

 Maths homework books

How have they helped support your child with maths?

  • Not enough homework to comment yet.


  • Staff double check that what has been asked to do can be done- or consider if page needed to be photocopied.

Weekly newsletter

School’s issues:

  • That it was a lot of work and people don’t always read it.
  • Costs a lot of time to email out and print off for people.

People who attended the meeting were really happy with the newsletter.


  • Reduce amount which is in it and separate into class relevance so parents can skim to their class section.
  • Highlight any changes to dates.


The governors and I have been working on a strategic plan for school trips including residential.

We aim to provide a range of experiences over a child’s time at Hawes Primary School.

Our trips will provide the children with a range of experiences which will expand their world view and enhance the curriculum experiences. They will link closely with the learning.



  • That the Y6 trip doesn’t always have to be London. Edinburgh and Manchester also have a lot to offer.
  • Trips need to be made the most of and that educational value is planned for and gained.

Hawes Primary School

External Education Programme 

Our children will spend time outside the school premises to enrich and enhance their learning and broaden their experiences of our local community and the wider country. Activities will support the children’s general development, improve learning skills, support understanding of curriculum topics and provide a wide range of experiences both local and national.  

(This is in addition to cluster sports days and other physical education events and activities such as swimming lessons and outdoor education at Low Mill.)


Every child will be expected to participate in at least one external activity every term relevant to the topics they are studying.

Years 3 and 4 will combine for a one/two night residential visit every other year.

Years 5 and 6 will combine for a two night residential visit every other year.

Year 6 Leavers will have the opportunity to visit London, combining educational and social activities to celebrate their time at Hawes as a year group. This may include an overnight stay depending on the programme and logistics

Every external visit will be prepared for and followed up with work at school directly related to the visit and its learning objectives

Other visits may be as full classes or in smaller groups.