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School Day

School begins


10.40am to 11.00am


12pm to 1pm

Lessons finish  


Nursery Hours  

       9.00am till 12 noon

Teaching Times

23.5 hours per week


School Year

A calendar indicating all the days when the school is open is issued as early as possible in each preceding year.



We are only allowed to issue prescribed medication (accompanied by a signed and dated letter from parent/carer. We are not allowed to administer any other form of medication eg Calpol, creams, cough medicine etc. If this causes a serious problem please contact the Head Teacher.


If your child is ill

Please ring the school office as soon as possible on Tel 01969 667308 and let us know. We have a legal obligation to know the whereabouts of your child and it is for everyone’s peace of mind, so that we know your child is safe.


Doctor and Dentist Appointments

Please wherever possible make these appointments out of school hours. If this is unavoidable please make sure that your child brings a note to school for their teacher, which is signed and dated.


Holiday requests during term time

Hawes Primary School follows DfE and North Yorkshire guidance.  

Holidays during term time will only be granted in exceptional circumstances, on a case by case basis and at the discretion of the Head teacher.  Attendance for the previous year prior to the request date, as well as current attainment, and the reason for the request will be taken into account.  Holidays during SATS week in May will not be granted under any circumstances.

Application for leave in exceptional circumstances

Please fill out this form and return to the headteacher.





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